With the introduction of the latest tool-trolley the question arose about how to best present this product, since their demo model wasn’t up to date anymore. The introduction of 3D was the most logical step to make. While brainstorming we came to the conclusion that it was best to have a good product animation explaining all the different features of the trolley. Next to that we added some visuals and the suggestion of adding a configurator for the different options.


Click here to see the 3D 360 viewer

Click here to see the 3D product teaser

Click here to see the 3D product animation


Making visualisations for the brochure and an animation for the website

  • Strategy

    Promotion online, brochure

  • Design

    3D branding & marketing content, VFX & postproduction

  • Client

    Twee-Ons, Bahco

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