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Who we are


There is a story in all of us, A legend burnt on getting out and being told. a legend that will be remembered and which people will talk about so they can achieve that legendary goal. Something big is only achieved by working together, not alone.

A powerful concept leaves a lasting impression on your target group. And a legend is born. A story worth passing on and sharing with each other. A story that brings value and in one word makes you legendary.

Meet the legends

Legends come in all shapes and sizes

A legend isn’t defined by its appearance, shape or size, but what it has done or brought to the world around it. Everybody can be legendary in their own special way.

We help people change their way of thinking so they start communicating in a different way and on a higher level. A way that will appeal to their audience specifically.

Becoming a legend is therefore not something you do on your own. It starts with working together, sharing knowledge and finding the path that leads to a higher level.

Every day new legends rise up to be heard. With a steady crew around us, we provide the stability of a large company with the flexibility and creativity of a small one.


A creative agency with a passion for 2D / 3D


Concepts & Storytelling

Powerful concepts and great stories guarantee a strong communication for you and your brand. We develop the right concept and combine it with the right story to tell. Abstract information will become tangible and boost your communication to a whole other level when you add the right storytelling to your concept. Let us be that sparring partner.


Branding & Marketing content

With 2D and 3D you bring a whole new dimension to your brand or campaign. Anything you can think of, we can visualize. Making abstract information and complex products or processes tangible. With our method for branding we offer a way to optimally present your campaign, brand or product. The ultimate marketing tool to boost your content.


Interactive solutions

Ready to be submersed in another dimension? We create digital content to give your target audience the best 3d interactive experiences. We create solutions that trigger your audience, gather data but also support your campaign. With this form of digital production we bring your message to a higher level in an instant.


Webdesign & Social media content

Websites and social media content need that little extra to make them exciting for the viewer. You want to tell a story. The right communication is obviously very important. We create tangible stories with the perfect content, presented in the right way.


VFX & Post-productions

Making the content you need, whether it’s a video or visual, needs to be taken to the next level: from good to great. Adding that bit of magic that makes your target audience go wild, and you legendary. We make sure that everything combines with what is needed to get that right end result.

Before After

We’re changing the way people think about CGI

It is in our believe that people think that 2D and 3D solutions are expensive or not for them. We are convinced that people are kept in the dark around this subject. In that dark we shine a light.

We believe that it’s our duty to advise you the best we can. In the process we are always fully transparent so you can follow our steps and become part of the process. Clear communication and transparency not only makes everyone more connected to the process of creation.

It lets you be a part of it. We Legends strive to make you our ambassador. And to do that we have to make you part of the process. With a good balance in price and quality.

We think along with you and come up with the most innovative solutions. To make sure we can provide you with the best quality, we choose to use high-end software and hardware to get optimal results. That’s how we can make you legendary in your own way.

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