Stand strong

Let's create
legends together
for the future.

Meet the legends

Legends come in all shapes and sizes

Our league of 3DLEGENDS® is constantly growing and becoming a larger pool of CGI artists at the top of their game. To be able to make us grow we are constantly looking out for new talent. You can join in on 3DLEGENDS® to become a 3D legend.

Like Lancelot and king Arthur we sit at the round table backed up by a whole army of enthusiasts. Together we can take on the challenge and be that stable crew that can support big clients in their journey to succes.

Not only will we be able to compete with other big companies and production houses in this market but we can also make even more awesome content which we all can use for our benefit. Together we are strong. So let’s connect!

Reach out to us and let us know what makes you legendary in your own way so we can add you to our LEAGUE OF 3DLEGENDS®.


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