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Our History


What is our story

3DLEGENDS® originates from 2004 where it started under the name Loonatic Design. At the time with a much broader array of services than now, but with the same passion and motivation. We provided websites, graphic solutions and small 3D services. A full service advertisement studio. That is how our background remains lying in the advertising industry which makes it logical that we take that along in our designs.

After working for a while under this name, it was time to look at the market and the future. As 3D became more and more popular and there were more and more possibilities in that area, we also changed course and focused more on 3D.

The aim was certainly to emphasize 1 area in order to increase the knowledge of it. To do that optimally you have to make choices. We changed our name to 40GradenZuid® in 2013 to show that we had taken another path.

In the summer of 2020 we switched to the name 3DLEGENDS® in order to show that we are renewing our position and are looking differently at the services we offer. Of course our believes haven’t changed. And we feel that it is necessary to explain some things a little bit different to existing and potential clients.

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